Friday, March 18, 2016

Week in Review 3/7 - 3/13 (Marathon Training)

Another week of training down, and as far as running is concerned, this time of the year is just about perfect (minus some really WINDY days). It's light enough to run after work AND the weather has been great - 50's and 60's! 

Total Weekly Mileage: 48-50ish running only, 53.23 including hiking

Easy 6
Actual: 7.14, 10:17 pace. If I did the exact mileage I had prescribed for the week, it would put me at 49 miles... I wanted I added a mile today! Took Argie for 1 mile, then dropped him off and picked up Loki for the remainder. Loki and I went up to the park and worked on "not pulling" on the leash. He's getting better!!

9 with 4 x 3:00 @ 7:30 pace
Actual: 9.16 miles, 9:13 average pace. Ran from the Botanic Gardens to Connected Lakes and back. 4.75 easy, then 4 x 3:00 @ 7:25, 7:26, 7:27, 7:30 with 2:00 recovery and then cool-down. So Happy I got all of these at or under pace!

Easy 7
Actual: 7.14 miles, 10:21 average pace in The Monument. Ran Serpenets Trail up onto Rim Rock Drive for an out-and-back with 1200 feet elevation gain and GORGEOUS views!

Actual: Rest

Easy 5
Actual: Morning 5 with Loki, 9:36 pace. Added some strides to get my legs ready for Canyonlands Half!

Canyonlands Half Marathon
Actual: Canyonlands Half Marathon - finished in 1:50:45 (race report coming soon!). I was shooting for 1:45 but unfortunately there was a strong headwind almost the entire time! I kept hoping it would go away, but alas no such luck. Still a beautiful day though! I also went for a hike later that afternoon - about 2 miles into Mill Creek Canyon which ended at a gorgeous waterfall!

Easy 8
Actual: I stayed in Moab Saturday night and woke up early on Sunday to go hike to Delicate Arch in time to catch the sunrise. It was glorious! That run/hike was about 3 miles (mostly hiking, but I did run some of the downhills). After that I headed over to the Windows area of Arches National Park for about 2 miles of hiking and taking pictures, followed by 3 1/2 miles of running on the road which was also glorious! I love Moab! Last, I took the pups for a walk after I got ended up with 9.5 miles of running and hiking throughout the day!

Weight Loss:
Starting Weight: 133.3
Ending Weight: 130.8
Weekly Loss: 2.5
Kind of surprised about this weeks loss - once again all motivation is gone. I think I'm just beginning to really question if it's worth it. Getting to 125 and maintaining is SO difficult for me!

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