Friday, March 11, 2016

Week in Review 2/29 - 3/6 (Marathon Training)

Well I finished off February with my second highest mileage month EVER, so that was pretty exciting. I ran 211 miles. This was only the third time that I've ever been over that 200 mile mark and first time in a year, so I'm happy with that. I still don't feel like I'm seeing huge improvements in my speed, but I'll continue to keep working towards it. I have Canyonlands Half Marathon coming up on March 12th which will be a good test to really see how I'm doing.

I also made a few decisions in the past week. I decided to switch my "goal race" to The Colorado Marathon on May 1st, 2016 instead of my originally planned Salt Lake City (April 16th). I truly believe Colorado is a faster course and I think mentally that will help me a LOT. I ran it last year for fun, so I'm excited to give "racing it" a shot this year. I'm also not 100% decided on this, but I'm thinking I may change my sights away from the BQ, and instead just focus on trying to PR. I think if anything, that will keep me from going out too fast in the beginning. All of this of course may change as May draws nearer, but just my thoughts for right now!

So without further ado, last weeks training:

Total Miles Ran: 54.94

Easy 6
Actual: 6.07 miles, 9:39 pace.

8 with  8 x 1:00 @ 7:15 pace, 2:00 Recovery
Actual: 8.51, 9:35 pace. Speedwork paces: 6:57, 7:12, 7:19, 7:21, 6:54, 7:02, 7:04, 7:11

Rest or Crosstrain
Actual: Rest

Easy 9
Actual: 9.05, 9:39 pace. I was coaching at Girls on the Run that afternoon, so ran from there over to the Matchett Property - an area where I used to run a lot before we moved to the west side of town. It was kind of fun to run there again!

Easy 6
Actual: 6.05, 11:45 pace. Hit up the Lunch Loops after work for some AWESOME trail running as the sun went down. It was heavenly.

Easy 16
Actual: 16.18, 9:36 pace. This was tougher than I felt like it should've been since I've been doing 20's. I think it was just mental though. I decided to just run from my house over to the farm roads north of town and unfortunately a bunch of farmers were out burning their fields, which was rough. I also got a fair amount of hills in (for a road run) - 358 feet of elevation gain.

9 w/ 10 x 20 second strides
Actual: I kind of forgot about the strides...joined some friends for a 9 mile trail run in Dominguez Canyon. Another GORGEOUS run and Loki had a blast!

Weight Loss
Starting Weight: 133.6
Ending Weight: 133.3
0.3 Loss - woohoo! In all reality though, I did not eat very well the second half of the week, so I'm just happy my weight didn't go up!

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