I'm proud to represent the following AMAZING companies throughout my running endeavors! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have on these products.

I have been an Ambassador Captain for Skirt Sports for the past 4 Years. I absolutely love this amazing company and their powerful message to provide not only cute and functional clothing, but also a wonderful, positive community that supports women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities!

Use my Ambassador Code 36Aver for 15% Off

Mad Moose Events has amazing running events throughout Colorado and Utah (the two places I run the most!). From 5 milers to Ultra Marathons, Road and Trail Races, not only do they have something for everyone, but they also do an amazing job providing well organized events with great swag and awesome views! Check them out at

Balega is one of the top running socks on the market that I have been wearing since I started running in 2012. All of their socks are amazing, but my absolute favorites are their new Silver Collection socks which feature an antimicrobial silver layer!

Lean Beef fuels my running and I am proud to have represented the Colorado Beef Council on the Colorado Beef Running Team for the past four years! For great nutritional recipes, check out


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