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Why I Run

I've been challenged to write about "why I run"... it's such a simple question and yet there are so many reasons. Therefore, I'd like to start with one of my all time favorite quotes about running simply for the fact that everything she says hits home (it's almost like I could have written it myself, except I'm not that eloquent of a writer)...

You see, I wasn't always a runner (yep...another one of these stories!). In fact, I wasn't athletic AT ALL. Like none, zip, zero. I hated gym class growing up. I absolutely dreaded sports and running the dreaded "mile" once a year. I was full of excuses and completely content with staying put in my comfort zone on the couch with a bag of Cheetos.

Nevertheless, my reasons for initially getting into running are probably similar to most given our current society, in that they were purely vein. I wanted to lose weight. And honestly, I actually lost 30 lbs before ever even finding running. I was motiva…

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