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Arches {Ultra} Half Marathon

At the end of January I ran the Arches Half Marathon as my first race of 2019. This is a trail half marathon put on my Mad Moose Events and is part of the Arches Ultra races (so not to be confused with the road "Arches Half Marathon" that Mad Moose Events puts on in October). After having a great race at the Dead Horse 50 Miler in November, I had every intention to run the 50K here...but life got a little busy and my training fell by the wayside, so I settled on dropping to the Half Marathon instead. I also figured the Half Marathon would be a good way to jump start my training for Boston as well.

I drove out to Moab on Friday afternoon with friends Rochelle and Karla. Because January is the off season in Moab, we got an amazing deal on the Fairfield by Marriot there ($65/night and it was nice!). When we got into town we stopped by packet pick-up and then had a casual evening, getting dinner at a new Italian place - Antica Forma (I actually went to this same place for Winte…

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