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Grand Mesa 55K {Race Recap}

If I had one phrase to describe the Grand Mesa Ultras, it would be "deceivingly hard". I'm pretty sure I went over this in last years 50 mile recap, but my thoughts remain the same this year. Look solely at the elevation profile of this course and you think it'll be easy...yeah, it's not. Not only is the entire course above 10,000 feet, but it is super rocky and technical...making you run at least 25% slower than you think you will. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful race, close to home, and so I'm sure I'll be back again next year...

As mentioned, I did the 50 miler last year. I was tempted to do the 50 again because my favorite part of the course is only in the 50 and 100 (and I definitely wasn't going to do to do the 100!), except my running kind of dwindled off after early June's Revel Rockies Marathon. I've probably been running about 15 mile weeks or so for the last month and a I had to choose between 30K and 55K. Given said 1…

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