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Skirt Sports Fall 2017 Photo Shoot

This past summer I had the AWESOME privilege to participate in the Skirt Sports Fall 2017 photo shoot! If you have ever read my blog, I'm sure you've heard me rave about Skirt Sports. Not only do they have great clothing (I fell in love with them when I first started wearing their Gym Girl Ultra skirts back in 2014 - in addition to their clothes being super comfortable, they are also practical - what sold me was that they have leg pockets to carry your phone, so I no longer had to worry about how to bring it with me on a run), but what's even better, is that this company is founded on the idea to encourage ALL women of all sizes, ages, and abilities, in all walks of life, to lead a healthy and active life. They work hard to spread this message with their #REALwomenmove campaign! This is just so cool to me, because I know when I first started running, it was pretty intimidating! I truly feel that Skirt Sports does a great job providing a genuine, real, inclusive environmen…

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