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Double Marathons – Rim Rock & Broomfield Trails Marathons

Running back-to-back marathons has always intrigued me and I knew I wanted to do it someday… I wasn’t sure that “someday” would come this past weekend until a few days before. You see, I signed up for the inaugural Broomfield Trails Marathon last spring when they first announced it. A new marathon in my hometown sounded like something I needed to be a part of, at least for the inaugural year. However, it also fell on the same weekend as one of my all time favorite races (and favorite local race) – Rim Rock Marathon.

I immediately had the thought of making the two races into a “Doubler”… I mean it was kind of perfect in many ways – running marathons in both my old home and my new home on the same weekend. A symbolic journey of where I’d come from and where I was now (cheesy I know)… however, there were some serious complications with deciding to do this. On one hand, the two races are over four hours drive apart from one another. That’s a lot of sitting to do after running a marathon…

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