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Parisian Getaway

Last month I had the incredible opportunity to go to Paris for a week! It all started in late November when I came across an amazing Black Friday deal that Icelandair was offering - round trip tickets from Denver to Paris for $335! I always see these deals and wonder how people can just "go" on a spur of the moment trip...but here I was thinking, "why not?!" You had to travel in January, which was a mere 6 weeks away, but thankfully my passport was still valid and good to go and I had a friend who wanted to join - so that's it, I was set!
The 6 weeks went by crazy fast and before I knew it the trip had arrived! It wasn't a long trip, but at 3 1/2 days (after travel time), we figured it was enough time to see all of the major sites in the city! And I wasn't wrong - yes it was a quick trip, but I feel very happy with everything we got to see and do in a short time. Weather also wasn't ideal - it rained every day but 1 (and that 1 day was super windy!…

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