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2013 Recap / 2014 Goals

I was hoping to get this done prior to the start of 2014, but time got ahead of me! Alas, here is my stereotypical end of the year post...

If I had to summarize 2013, I would definitely call it a year of "firsts." For starters, it was my first full year of running. I ran my first 10K (plus a few more), my first half marathon (plus a few more), my first trail race (plus a few more), my first mountain race (I put Imogene Pass Run into it's own "Mountain Race" category, as opposed to trails because of the sheer "up and down" to it!). I committed to run my first marathon. I guess you could say that 2013 was the first year I really started to consider myself a "runner."

I also learned a lot this year about myself. That I am capable of doing more than I ever imagined. I almost didn't sign up for Imogene Pass Run, afraid it would be too hard. How incredibly glad I am that I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for it! It is solely because of Imogene that I have a lot of, what some might say as, "crazy" goals for 2014. But also because of Imogene, I know I can do them. Yes, I'm still going to have to train, and yes, it's still going to be a lot of hard work, but it'll be worth it!

Here's a quick recap of 2013 -

2013 RACES:
  • Fruita Sweetheart 10K - 2/9/13 (1st official 10K)
  • Canyonlands Half Marathon - 3/16/13 (1st Half Marathon)
  • Redline Westminster 5K- 4/6/13 (1st Place Female)
  • Black Canyon Ascent 6 Mile Run - 5/18/13
  • Sage Burner 25K Trail Race - 5/27/13
  • Pacer at Grand Mesa 100 Ultra Marathon (~14.5 Miles) - 7/27-7/28
  • Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon - 8/10/13 (PR-1:56:35)
  • Imogene Pass Run (17.1 Miles, 5500' elevation gain) - 9/7/13
  • Grand Mesa Trail Half Marathon - 9/14/13 (3rd Place Overall)
  • Broomfield Days 5K - 9/21/13 (2nd Place F 20-29)
  • Black Canyon North Rim 20K - 10/13/13 (1st Place F 20-29)
  • Ridgway Rhythm Run 10K - 10/19/13
  • SJMR Turkey Trot 4.2 Mile Fun Run - 11/28/13
  • Moab Winter Sun 10K - 12/7/13 (PR-51:25)

Total Mileage including cross training: 1722
Total Running Mileage: 1513
Longest Run: 20.25 Miles
Running miles by month:
  • JAN - 87
  • FEB - 101
  • MARCH - 146
  • APRIL - 145
  • MAY - 151
  • JUNE - 130
  • JULY - 125
  • AUG - 104
  • SEPT - 99
  • OCT - 131
  • NOV - 140
  • DEC - 154

Overall it was a great year. I did get a little burned out in late August & September, as reflected in my monthly mileage, but with my marathon training plan starting out slow post-Imogene, I think it worked out well by allowing me to have a some shorter training weeks. This is just something to keep in mind when planning out 2014. There are so many awesome races out there, I want to do them all, but I know I need to include a few easier months into my plan for next year.

Which brings me to 2014:

I've got two primary goals (in the context of running):

#1 - Run at least 1 race per month (funny thing - Amy and I came up with the same goal without realizing it!). One thing I want to try and do, if I can, is to mix in a few shorter distance races every couple of months so I don't get burned out again. I love pushing myself to new limits, but I know resting and recovery is important too.

#2 - Log 2000 Miles (this can include cross-training) over the course of the year. Since I made it to 1722 last year (my goal at the beginning of 2013, was just to make it to 1000 - I creamed that!), I think 2000 is definitely do-able. Especially if I allow cross-training activities to count (such as hiking, elliptical & biking).

I haven't completely decided on all my races for 2014, but here is what I'm thinking (note a * means that I have already registered for it, so I will for sure be doing it with the exception of an injury or something):

  • JANUARY - Walt Disney World Marathon* - 1/12/14
  • FEBRUARY - Black Canyon Rim Romp 8K Snowshoe Race* - 2/8/14
  • MARCH - Gemini Adventures 24 Hours of Moab 50K* - 3/22/14
  • APRIL - The Heart of Steel Human Spirit Ultra 12 Hour Run I was signed up for on 4/5 got cancelled, so I'm not sure anymore. Maybe Desert RATS Trail Running Festival in Fruita (not sure which distance yet though).
  • MAY - There are SO many great races in May, it's really tough to choose (I mean, I could find races to fill every weekend and then some during May!).  I'll probably do the Black Canyon Ascent again on 5/17 since it's local and not very expensive, and I want to FINALLY do the Bolder Boulder* on 5/26.
  • JUNE - Leadville Trail Marathon* - 6/14/14
  • JULY - Maybe the Grand Mesa 60K, but I'm also thinking I may want to tone this month down, so I can focus on training for my (fingers crossed I get in) August race. So I may decide to find something shorter.
  • AUGUST - Pikes Peak Ascent (if I can get in - it sells out very quickly)
  • SEPTEMBER - The Bear Chase Ultra in Lakewood (not to be confused with the Grand Mesa Bear Chase I did last year). If I end up liking the whole "ultra" scene, I really want to do the 50 Miler. If I don't, I would love to do Leadking Loop 25K in Marble.
  • OCTOBER - Maybe Denver Rock n' Roll Half or Full. I will also probably do the Black Canyon 20K again, since it's local and not too expensive (and I would love to get the "Triple Crown" award for doing all 3 Black Canyon Races!).
  • NOVEMBER - Rim Rock Marathon or Moab Trail Marathon
  • DECEMBER - Westminster Fa La La Half-Marathon with Amy!

So there you have it - my thoughts thus far. It does look fairly intense when I list them all out, but everything except January, March and June are still tentative. Another nice thing, is that for most of the races, if I sign up for the longer distance, but am not feeling up to it come race day, I can drop down to a shorter distance (ex. Leadville Trail Marathon, I can drop down to Leadville Heavy Half Marathon).

Honestly, even with one race per month, Colorado has SO many awesome races, it is TOUGH to choose. And once you get into longer races they're all in the range of $70-$130, which can really add up, so I really do HAVE to choose (as much as I would love to race every weekend). But hopefully, I will be running for many more years to come and can eventually make it through all of the amazing races out there (or at least most of them).

Other non-running goals for 2014 -

  1. Start my 3-year plan to read the entire Bible (a year ago, I wouldn't have thought I could do this, but, during 2013 I did a 1-year plan with daily readings (no where near close to the whole bible or anything), and was actually pretty consistent. My bible has a plan at the beginning where you check off after each chapter. It also skips between the Old and New Testament after every book - so that you're not just reading the Old Testament for 2 years straight. So I really do think it's do-able. I'm sure I'll miss days here and there, but overall, I think I can do it.
  2. Summit at least two more 14ers (Pikes Peak would count for 1 if I do the ascent, and then I REALLY want to do either Long's or Uncompahgre Peaks).
  3. Go backpacking (as in over-night backpacking!)
  4. Try to introduce more strength training into my routine (2-3 days per week)
  5. Volunteer (I'm not entirely sure for what yet. I would love to volunteer for Girls on The Run, but I don't know if it will fit into my work schedule. I am looking into it though.)

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