Monday, April 4, 2016

Week in Review 3/21 - 3/27 (Marathon Training)

Well Marathon training is in it's peak stages right now which means running #AllTheMiles. Over 60 miles in a week while working full time is kind of exhausting. So needless to say, I will most definitely be ready to start tapering in a few weeks (many runners experience what is known as "taper madness", where they don't like to taper and go a little crazy...I on the other hand, have never had that problem. I love it!). Nevertheless, it did feel good to get all of these miles in...after they were done! 

Total Weekly Miles: 60.35 running, 64.39 total with hiking

Rest or Xtrain
Actual: Rest

10 with last 4 progression: 8:30, 8:20, 8:10, 8:00
Actual: 10.21 total, 9:14 avg. Last 4: 8:20, 8:13, 7:59, 7:47. A little fast, but overall I was really happy with how this went!

Easy 8
Actual: 8.36 miles, 9:52 average pace. My legs felt really heavy and tired for this, but got through it!

Easy 7
Actual: 7.26 Trail Run, 10:35 pace. Brought Loki to the Lunch Loop Trails for the first time - he loved it!

Easy 9
Actual: 9.2, 10:19 pace. Slow early morning run in the cold with Loki.

17 with last 5 @ 8:25
Actual: 17 with last 5 at 8:25, 8:25, 8:21, 8:19, 8:15 plus 1 additional cool-down, for 18.02 total, 9:21 average pace. Picking up the pace at the end of a long run is always tough, but feels good when I'm done!

Easy 9
Actual: Since I had done some extra throughout the week, I knew I only needed 7 to hit my goal of 60 miles - so that's what I did, especially considering the fact that I had to get this in before church. Ran as the sun came up, which was a great way to start my Easter! Later that afternoon, Scott and I also went for a hike with the pups to the top of Mt. Garfield, for an additional 4 hiking miles.

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