Monday, February 22, 2016

Week in Review 2/8 - 2/14 (Marathon Training)

I had a work trip to California the second half of the week, so needless to say I missed a few workouts this week. I did, however, still get in 36 miles, which isn't too shabby (but not nearly close to the 55+ I've had the last few weeks).

Total Miles Ran: 36.41

Easy 6
Actual: Lunch Run - 6.03 easy, 9:47 average. The temperature was in the upper 30's with sunshine, which felt SO warm compared to the past few weeks.

9 Miles w/ 10 x 1:00 @ 7:30 pace, 2:00 recovery
Actual: Came into work early and took a long lunch run - 9.08 miles, 9:39 average. Paces: 7:19, 7:19, 7:33, 7:33, 7:28, 7:38, 7:25, 7:37, 7:24, 7:29

Easy 7
Actual: 7.21 miles after I got home from work. Took the dogs with me on this one (one at a time). 9:59 average pace.

Easy 5
Actual: Had to catch a flight at 8:00am, so this was a pre-5:00am run. Yikes, but got it done. 5.04 miles, 9:56 average. Going from 21 degrees that morning to 75+ that afternoon was heavenly!

8 w/ 4 x 5:00 @ 7:35 pace; 1:00 recovery
Actual: I may have stayed out drinking too much Thursday night, and then had work obligations from 7:45am until needless to say this one did not happen. I did get to upholster a chair that day though - basically the same thing, right?!

Optional: Up to an hour running or rest
Actual: On Saturday I had the opportunity to meet up with an internet-turned-real-life friend for a 9 mile run on Newport Beach, which was awesome!!! Post run, I hurried back to the hotel and got ready for a FULL day at Disneyland. Ended up at Disneyland from 10:00am until LOTS of walking!
Running at Newport Beach!

Optional: Up to an hour running or rest
Actual: I fully intended to do a short run when I got home at 5:00 on Sunday evening. Unfortunately flight delays caused us to miss our connection and I did not get home until 10:45 the NEXT morning. No joke - 23 hours in an airport and/or airplane including connections to Phoenix and Dallas. So once again, no running. A little bit of walking on the beach that morning before we headed out though!

Weight Loss:
So as I mentioned in my last post, I was kind of putting this off until after my trip, and planning to get back into the swing of things later this month (we'll see if that actually happens...).

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