Monday, January 25, 2016

SLC Marathon Training: 1/11/16 - 1/24/16

Since I'm not racing much right now, here's just a brief overview of what I've been up to over the past 2 weeks of training:

Week 1: January 11th - 17th:


Total Miles Ran: 52.01

Weight Loss:
Week Starting Weight: 136.7
Week Ending Weight: 134.4
Weight Loss: 2.3 lbs
Notes: I'm working on getting to "goal racing weight" of 122-125 by April. Running 50+ mile weeks makes it "easier" but I still have to watch what I'm eating (thank goodness for MyFitnessPal)! I'm hoping by sharing on my blog, it will help me to hold myself accountable!

Week 2: January 18th - 24th:


Total Miles Ran: 51.41

Weight Loss:
Week Starting Weight: 134.4
Week Ending Weight: 131.4
Weight Loss: 3 lbs
Notes: I am actually surprised by this weeks loss of 3 lbs (seems like a LOT for me) - yes I ran a lot, but I also had 2 cheat days on Thursday AND Friday. I guess my long runs over the weekend made up for it!

Overall, I like that I'm getting my mileage up, however, I feel like I've been in a rut "speed-wise" since I was sick at the beginning of January (easy runs feel much harder than they should). I also haven't been super motivated but I think the weather has been a factor there - we haven't been above mid-30's in months and most of the weekends have been gloomy which is a struggle for me. Nevertheless, I'm going to continue working hard and hope this all will pass and that things will start to feel better as the days get longer - 12 Weeks to go until race day (now that is a scary thought)!

Happy Running!

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